Vitra Dome

Screen Installations

Vitra Dome


An experimental pop-up store located in the heart of the Vitra Campus.

This temporary store, designed by Burkinabé architect Francis Kéré, was the result of the first joint project between Camper and Vitra. The project explored experimental ideas for new retail concepts.

UI and UX Design for the interactive screens.
Development by Vitra team.
Store photos by Eduardo Perez.

Vitra Dome

Visitors had the opportunity to interact with the shoes and the screen installations of the store. NFC labels were added to every shoe in the store, which, when placed over the reader shelves, provided some useful information regarding stock availability, product details, related options, etc...

Vitra Dome

Specific physical cards with unique QR codes were available to every customer at the entrance of the store, allowing them to add products to their "virtual" shopping bag.

Vitra Dome

Alternatively, customers could choose to use their smartphone, trough a specific mobile landing accessible via the free WiFi of the store.

Vitra Dome Vitra Dome

A Mifitto® installation was placed at the entrance were users could scan their feet in 3D, and store their exact size details on their physical card (or their smartphone). Additionally, all the collection had been sent to be scanned in 3D to get the volume information of each option. Then, when a customer NFC-inspected a product through the screens, the system would suggest you which size should you pick, based on both feet and shoe source data.

Vitra Dome

Completing the experience, a cordwainer was on-site making footwear in an area highlighting the use of traditional techniques and tools used by artisans.

Vitra Dome
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