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Miguel Trias Works® is an independent design studio based in the island of Mallorca, focused in creating and developing bespoke brands and experiences that are aesthetic, useful, and long-lasting.

The studio is driven by Miguel Trias, an award-winning, multi-disciplinary Creative Designer and Producer with over 20 years of experience. Formerly Sr. Digital Creative Manager at Camper for 12 years, he also serves as a member of the AWWWARDS and CSSDA Jury panels. He has worked for renowned local and international brands like Iberostar, Camper, BD Barcelona, Volvo Ocean Race or IB3 TV.

Among the studio services, brand development and bespoke website experiences are king.

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Camper SS/AW 12

Web Design

Camper SS/AW '12 website


Let the shoes do the talking.

From a design perspective, our main challenge was not to start from scratch, but to build on Camper's existing web visual identity. The homepage needed to retain the style and personality it had acquired over time, it just needed to be more usable, visual and simplistic.

Web Art Direction and Design.
Web Development by Easydevel.

Camper SS/AW '12 website

We wanted to create this kind of attraction that you feel when you see something that you immediately love. The way you might spot something in a shop window, or see it in a magazine, and you know straight away you must have it.

Camper SS/AW '12 website

Less is more.

The use of really wide images gave a dramatic first impression. The overall cleanliness of the site was also really powerful. Less was definitely more.

Camper SS/AW '12 website

The product grid and detail pages were also two of the most important landing pages of the design. We decided to get rid of all the vertical elements that took so much space, and go full horizontal in almost every aspect. Grid filters were moved to the top of the page, so we could get the most of the page width and display bigger product images.

Camper SS/AW '12 website

On the product detail page, we followed the same criteria. Now the product would be displayed in much more detail with bigger and more crisp images. We reduced the amount of texts and noise around the product, so it would always be the hero of the story.

Camper SS/AW '12 website

The user experience was paramount. As a result, we undertook a number of usability tests and focus groups to decide the best approach for basic functionalities.

Camper SS/AW '12 website

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