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Designer + Producer

Miguel Trias is a multi-disciplinary designer & producer based in the island of Mallorca. Former Sr. Digital Creative Manager at Camper shoes, and also serves as a member of the Jury Boards at Design Awwwards and CSSDA.

Focused in cross-media and mixing different design languages —from brand identity & web design to film & photography—, Miguel has specialized himself in fashion and retail, but he has had the pleasure to work with brands in TV, tourism, sailing or beer making.

Miguel’s common goal in all his projects is to create healthy brands and experiences that are aesthetically pleasing, useful, and long-lasting.

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Extraordinary Crafts

Web Design + Production

Extraordinary Crafts


Seamlessly blending design and technology, combining creative talent with the know-how that only comes from experience.

Extraordinary Crafts is the perfect fusion of design and technology, the crossover of talent and knowledge. Camper's product quality and technology label was reflected on the web through a set of interactive microsites that allowed the users to acknowledge its features.

Web Art Direction and Design, Web Development.
EC Art Direction by SwingSwing.

Extraordinary Crafts website

These microsites were produced in Flash AS3, as they needed to be integrated within Camper's main flash platform.

Extraordinary Crafts website

We created a set of animations for each of the Extraordinary Crafts concepts, to make it easier to understand the secrets behind each technology.

Extraordinary Crafts website
Extraordinary Crafts website

Every concept was explained combining technical infographics and explaining the feature benefits.

Only then, one can understand the value of the ability to create something with care and skill.

Extraordinary Crafts website