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Designer + Producer

Miguel Trias is a multi-disciplinary designer & producer based in the island of Mallorca. Former Sr. Digital Creative Manager at Camper shoes, and also serves as a member of the Jury Boards at Design Awwwards and CSSDA.

Focused in cross-media and mixing different design languages —from brand identity & web design to film & photography—, Miguel has specialized himself in fashion and retail, but he has had the pleasure to work with brands in TV, tourism, sailing or beer making.

Miguel’s common goal in all his projects is to create healthy brands and experiences that are aesthetically pleasing, useful, and long-lasting.

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George's Shoes

Web Production

George's Shoes


Handmaking shoes since 1967, George’s approach to fashion is rather anarchic. This legendary brand wants to tell the world to buy less, and live better.

George’s makes understated shoes of well-polished leathers, full of nuances that age at the same pace as the wearer. The result is a compilation of testimonies by gone eras and an entire lifetime.

Web Development and Production, Brand Communication.
Project made in collaboration with Javier Esteban.

The brand needed to re-design and re-think their website by jumping to the new technologies while keeping the essence of its heritage.

George's Shoes website

At that time, that meant the use of the latest Flash AS3 techniques, with complex animations, a resolution-fluid interface and hash-based URLs for the navigation.

George's Shoes website

The season catalogue was a scrollable collection of big images of the shoes, where you could interact with each one of them by liking them, or adding them to a whishlist of your own, and order them online directly to the factory.

George's Shoes website

The techniques used in the construction of the shoes were explained in detail through easy-to-read visuals and animations.

George's Shoes website

The rest of the sections were treated with special attention to detail as well, adding smooth animations and interactivity where possible.

George's Shoes website

Truly shoemakers.

Already on its third generation of shoemakers, George's makes its shoes in Mallorca, proudly following in the Mediterranean manufacturing tradition.

George's Shoes factory
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