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Designer + Producer

Miguel Trias is a multi-disciplinary designer & producer based in the island of Mallorca. Former Sr. Digital Creative Manager at Camper shoes, and also serves as a member of the Jury Boards at Design Awwwards and CSSDA.

Focused in cross-media and mixing different design languages —from brand identity & web design to film & photography—, Miguel has specialized himself in fashion and retail, but he has had the pleasure to work with brands in TV, tourism, sailing or beer making.

Miguel’s common goal in all his projects is to create healthy brands and experiences that are aesthetically pleasing, useful, and long-lasting.

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Sa Pedrissa

Web Design + Production

Sa Pedrissa


A romantic, adults-only agrotourism hotel settled in Deià, an amazing place with astonishing views.

With only 9 suites, it's a fully renovated house dating from the 17th century whose every detail speaks history and charm.

Web Art Direction and Design, Web Production.

We wanted to create a unique website that featured somekind of interactivity besides the typical "Reserve Now" call to action.

Sa Pedrissa Website

Every section was organized through slides, on which you could scroll through panoramic pictures, unfold details, and much more.

Sa Pedrissa Website

Everything was treated with care to detail, so we created animations for every interactive element to have a nice navigation experience.

Sa Pedrissa Website

You were able to dig through the services and side-activities the hotel had to offer, through a basket-like system where you could configure and personalize your experience before placing your reservation.

Sa Pedrissa Website