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Designer + Producer

Miguel Trias is a multi-disciplinary designer & producer based in the island of Mallorca. Former Sr. Digital Creative Manager at Camper shoes, and also serves as a member of the Jury Boards at Design Awwwards and CSSDA.

Focused in cross-media and mixing different design languages —from brand identity & web design to film & photography—, Miguel has specialized himself in fashion and retail, but he has had the pleasure to work with brands in TV, tourism, sailing or beer making.

Miguel’s common goal in all his projects is to create healthy brands and experiences that are aesthetically pleasing, useful, and long-lasting.

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Short Film

Toutatis by Michel Campioni


"Beer is the proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy."

Michel is a belgian architect who got trapped by the beauty and character of the island of Majorca. Like a good belgian, Michel has beer deep in his ADN, so he began brewing it in a small garage of his house 10 years ago. Today, he serves his "Toutatis" to the best majorcan restaurants and bars from his newly restored microbrewery at Cas Canar. It is the first and only belgian beer elaborated in Mallorca.

Direction, Shoot, Edit, Color Grading.

Sensations, scents, attention to detail... Michel's passion for brewing is not too different from his passion for architecture.

Toutatis by Michel Campioni Toutatis by Michel Campioni

The idea for this short film was to feature Michel as the main feature, and then Toutatis –the project– as the culmination of his passion. A stranger who ended up living in an island and calling it home, doing the things he loved the most, pursuing his passion wherever it takes him.

Toutatis by Michel Campioni Toutatis by Michel Campioni

This short film was shot in two days, in two different locations (Cas Canar brewery and Michel's own house).

Toutatis by Michel Campioni Toutatis by Michel Campioni

It was shot with a Sony A7RII coupled with a Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2 and a Sony Sonnar 55m f/1.8, and occassionally some ND filters in daylight. Edited and color graded in Premiere.

Toutatis by Michel Campioni Toutatis by Michel Campioni